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Specialists in Architectural Visualisation, CGI, 3D Visualisation, Architectural Photography, Verified Views | 3D Images and 3d Animation. INVIZ offer a comprehensive creative package from 2D & 3D Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Film, Professional Retouching as well as Branding, Advertising, Graphic Design and Web Design elements. INVIZ provides a premium visual product.  We pride ourselves on being great listeners and easy to talk to. INVIZ will guide you right through the entire process, with effective workflows developed to cater to varying scale budgets and deadlines. INVIZ understand the importance of building relationships and trust for future work. We work in close partnership with Architects, Property Developers, Interior designers and various other agencies.


The INVIZ objective is to create visuals that inspire, insistent to create storytelling aspects about the buildings and products. INVIZ firmly believes the emphasis being on creativity, to craft visuals that are not only photorealistic but have the human and atmospheric feel. Ever involved in the CG community bashing heads, sharing and brainstorming ideas and techniques in this ever evolving industry. Over 20 years combined experience in the industry, INVIZ has been honored in receiving our share of awards and publications over the years.


Our Process

Receive & Quote!

We receive your plans or drawings and work with you to determine the best outcome along with a quote.

Design & Model

We'll work our magic by creating your model and send you a glimpse of the working progress images / visuals

Discuss & Change

We will discuss your project with you and you will be able to tell us what needs changing for the final render.

Render & Send!

Finally we add the extras to provide realism to your project. We will send you your final high quality visuals

The best way to get started is to get a FREE quote via the Contact Us section and supply any files you feel would be necessary. We will provide a written quote setting out the Terms and Conditions. The rendered images without digital watermarks are delivered on completion.


Interior Rendering


Interior rendering is predominantly used at a presentation and marketing stage of a project. In its basic form it’s a fantastic space planning tool and occasionally it is used as part of a planning pack of visuals. Our interior rendering service produces high end photo like interior 3D renders that give an accurate representation of a space or building interior in terms of interior design for architects, developers or any kind of events.


Architectural Rendering


Architectural rendering (exteriors) plays a key role at different stages of a project. It helps improve design at the very early stages of a project. It enhances communication between architect, design team, client and planners during the design and planning stage and also maximises sales and marketing and get your scheme to market quicker by allowing purchasers to see exactly what they are buying.




This integration of a 3D model with photography gives an accurate representation of what a proposed property development will look like when it is built. From one off house builds to large scale commercial, retail and residential developments, photomontages are a vital component to your planning application. Photomontages are verified views (ground and aerial) from chosen viewpoints to and from a proposed site.


3D Plans


3D plans help communication between our clients and their buyers. 3D plans give a complete overview of an entire floor or site layout of a proposed development. They are an ideal marketing tool that allow our clients and prospective buyers to see the entire floor or site layout in one 3D image. Our 3D floor plans come fully populated with furniture in order to visually represent the type of rooms throughout the area.

3D Animation


Bringing viewers on a virtual tour of a proposed new residential, commercial or office development will enhance a purchasers understanding of a scheme and maximise sales and marketing strategies. 3D product animation service is also a step up from a still 3D renders. It not only shows you what a new product or property will look like but it can illustrate how a new product will work. It is an invaluable design, marketing and presentation tool.


Product Rendering


3D product visualisation is the term we use to describe the production of still 3D renders of product and packaging designs. It also helps save time and money by identifying potential design flaws before the prototyping of a product or new package printing takes place. 3D product visualisation gives our clients an accurate and photorealistic representation of their proposed product or packaging design.


Shadow Study


A shadow study is a series of 3D rendered images that give an accurate representation of the shadows that will be cast by a proposed property development on its surrounding environment at any given time of the year. It allows local planners to make informed decisions on planning applications by identifying the impact that a proposed development will have on its surrounding environment in terms of overcastting shadows.


Visual Impact Assessments


A Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment is a comprehensive document that is produced by a planning consultant in conjunction with the client and architectural design team. The document demonstrates and comments on how a proposed development sits within its surrounding environment. A key element of this document is a series of photomontages. These help planning write an accurate report based on the visual impact a development may or may not have.

Architectural visualisation

3D visualisation

3D Visuals

3D rendering

3D Renders





3D Plans

3D Animation

3d Images

We strive to create spectacular photo-realistic architectural renderings ( 3D Visuals ) that exceed our client's expectations, and as always, help them achieve their goals. Whether it's for Architectural competitions or commissions, luxury interiors or exteriors, luxury interiors, We have the CGI prowess to to deliver. We believe our artistic talent really shines through when it comes to 3D visualisation  Take a look through our Portfolio.. Not too long ago visuals like these weren't possible, but now we have software and hardware that allows for texturing and lighting solutions so accurate it's difficult to tell the result is an image of something that doesn't exist yet.



Founder and Creative director at INVIZ, Gavin has over 12 years experience in the architectural and design industry.


Office Manager, Elaine works along with the creative design team, she provides creative consultation and in-house management.


Designer, Takes influence from everything, passionate about aesthetics and function, creates winning design.



Office Cat and all round pest, Dougal will be in and about every going on here, he likes to walk in your way and sit on keyboards


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